why choose us?

Our clients range from a variety of different industries including medical, aerospace, defense, transportation, electric, and commercial. With our experience, we have established great relationships with manufacturing companies. We strive for customer satisfaction and affordable prices. 



We started with a single CNC turning machine, creating parts for locals and learning the business. As we grew, we began contacting larger government jobs for aerospace and the army. Creating exact replica parts for equipment and other manufacturing goods. Once we moved to California, we decided to continue our business with milling and add more services. We currently have a vast amount of CNC manufacturing machines which allow us to create and produce a large amount of products.

We've built our reputation on excellence in MACHINING AND MILLING, with a constant focus on serving our customers.

KJ CNC Group, California began back home with an old cnc milling machine in the backyard. KJ CNC is a family owned and operated business that combines all the fundamental services from prototyping to manufacturing. We combined all our skills at this shop to exceed all our clients’ expectations.

about our company - CNC MILLING in Pacoima


We bring over 2 decades of experience on the table. We have had a large amount of projects in our portfolio and we are sure to make your project as good, if not better than the previous ones.


With our superior quality, we guarantee great delivery of your products. Quality control is key, from raw material inspection to final production check, you can be sure the products will follow a strict quality control process. 

turn around

We make sure to make all deadlines and cut off times, as this is extremely important in our industry. Our time managing is up to par, we will create your products on time, if not sooner!